Posted: September 17th, 2017

School Safety and Security Plan

School violence is an ongoing concern for students, parents, school officials, and the local community. You have been appointed by your county school board to submit a one-page (two pages maximum) preliminary action plan (use font size 12, Times New Roman, one-inch margins, and be sure to include your name on the plan. You may single-space the document if necessary).

Use the same letters to organize your plan as shown below.

First, list all of the schools in the county. (You may use your home county or the current county you live in). Identify the number of students in each of these schools or the number of students in the school system in the entire county as a whole.
Second, review the Bureau of Justice Statistics report, Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2012. The report can be found in this module. Read the Executive Summary (pages iii-viii) and then review the indicators on page xi. Select three of the indicators (choose from indicators 1-16). Read about these indicators in this report. Then, write about the three that you think are most important in preventing crime, delinquency, gangs, and/or bullying. Be sure to explicitly identify each indicator.
Third, describe two to three school security measures you would take in the county school system. Here, you may reference indicators 19-21 in the report.

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