Posted: September 17th, 2017

Scoping Study Upper Molonglo Rail Trail

This project addresses topics in the course including:



Task:                Scoping Study Upper Molonglo Rail Trail;


Prepare a Scoping Study for a Rail Trail Development from Bungendore to Captain’s Flat in rural NSW near Canberra


Scope of Task

As a Research Associate at the University of Canberra Business School you have been contracted by the Bungendore Progress Association to conduct a scoping study for a proposed rail trail development on the abandoned rail line between Captains Flat and Bungendore.


The NSW government has invited regional groups to submit Rail Trail proposals for funding in the 2015-16 Financial year.


This scoping study will assist the Progress Association in preparing the documentation for a NSW Government Grant.



Submit as a Word Document
Use Arial  font , 12 point , single line spacing


Length:               2500-3000 words


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