Posted: September 16th, 2017



Implementation of “enterprise systems” require considerable planning to ensure their proper selection, installation, testing and making ‘live’. Use MS PowerPoint to draw ten slides that visually describe this process, keeping bullets and text paragraphs to a minimum. Then use Camtasia Studio to make a screen cast of slides and spoken audio describing the steps and considerations involved in enterprise systems implementation, making reference to notes and case studies that you are familiar with.’

Upload the screencast in MP4 format to YouTube only, and then submit the link to that video to the Moodle site that the PBS-UGC instructs you to.

a screencast that you can do anywhere (using Camtasia software and PowerPoint), and this can be submitted via the UGC website as an MP4 file, or a link to where you have uploaded your file on YouTube, and then upload that URL link to Moodle.

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