Posted: September 17th, 2017

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Assignment 1
Essay Proposal
Students must prepare a 1,000 word research proposal, which will be used as early feedback for their major essay.
The proposal must contain:
1)An essay title
2)A clear research question
3)A rationale for why the study is important
4)The essay’s position within the existing literature
5)A preliminary structure
6)A bibliography

Topic Selection
Students must choose one theory and one of the corresponding case studies. For example, (1) “Prisoner’s Dilemma” and (iii) “Iran and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty”.From here, students are free to formulate their own
essay question. Students can refine the topic by narrowing the essay’s theoretical or empirical focus. That is, they
may wish to concentrate on a dimension of the theory or perhaps only a precise segment of time on the case study side.

1) Prisoner’s Dilemma
i)The US and Egyptian-Israeli peace process
ii)The Soviet-American SALT I process
iii)Iran and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
iv)British-German dreadnaught arms race prior to World War I

2) Deterrence Strategy
i)China in regards to Taiwanese independence
ii)US forces in South Korea
iii)NATO’s conventional deterrence in Europe during the Cold War
iv)The Cuban Missile Crisis

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