Posted: September 17th, 2017

"Selections from Reading Lolita in Tehran," by Azar Nafisi; "On becoming an Arab," by Lelia Ahmed

“Selections from Reading Lolita in Tehran,” by Azar Nafisi; “On becoming an Arab,” by Lelia Ahmed

Essay prompt: Why do these different political conditions elicit different modes of resistance? What is the difference in effect between history and literature as forms of political resistance?

Instruction: Be sure to introduce both articles in relation to your argument clearly but concisely.
(ex) In “On becoming An Arab,” Leila Ahmed examines….
Don’t need quote in the introduction
Do not compare or contrast. Carefully consider the author’s positions and your own in nuanced ways.
(ex) Choose a word in the article and think why author chose the word. For instance, the word “our becoming” from Ahmed , “our Lolita” from Nafis. Think about why author chose the word and expand your idea.
Do not choose a side and turn one author into a “straw man”
Doesn’t matter more than 3 body-paragraphs, but each body-paragraph has to start clear topic sentence. Not summarize the articles. Also, Each paragraph needs to connect two quotes from two articles. After the quote, analyze it and write why is that quotes important to support your thesis. Make sure each paragraph must have quotes.
If you paraphrase or summarize articles, make sure write like this :”…blah blah”(Ahmed 3)
In the conclusion, write a summary; other than that, Write your own thoughts about articles and express your idea.

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