Posted: May 1st, 2021

Seminal research studies (e-book)

This task should be submitted in a report format.Description of Task:We are using our collective might as a community of practice to create a collaborative e-book titled Demystifying Studies About Learning. The task requires you to contribute two chapters (960 words each): one for both sections of our e-book. The two sections are ‘Understanding Learning’ and ‘Understanding Learners’. You will need to write about research findings on two influential studies; selecting one chapter that interests you from each of the two sections below: Section 1: Understanding Learning• Chapter 1: Memory and learning• Chapter 2: Cognitive load theory• Chapter 3: IQ and intelligence• Chapter 4: Self-efficacy and learning• Chapter 5: Growth mindset Section 2: Understanding learners• Chapter 6: Motivation• Chapter 7: Attribution theory• Chapter 8: Trauma• Chapter 9: Resilience• Chapter 10: Emotions and achievement Structure your writing about the findings of the research by using these headings:• The study (200 wds): An overview of the purpose of this research.• The main findings (300 wds): A summary of the key findings of this research.• Related research (200 wds): Other studies that support the findings of this research.• Classroom implications (300 wds): How teachers can use these findings in their work in classrooms.**Please use Arial 10 font at 1.5 line spacing. 

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