Posted: September 17th, 2017

Sex is permissible between informed, consenting adults if they are bound by love or commitment (Disagree)

Short Justified Ethics Paper

1. Select a specific topic. Then begin your initial research

2. Develop a detail outline. Use complete sentences not short phrases

3. Develop a thesis statement and /or position statement

4. Identify one or more ethical theories you will use to support your position on this ethical issue. Do not use the Divine Command Theory, Subjective Relativism Theory or Emotivism in your Ethical Position Paper.

5. In your paper you will begin by stating your position in the first paragraph of your paper. Then you will support your position throughout the paper by using documented facts, reasons, premises and ethical theories. This is a moral argument.

6. Your premises should lead the reader to the conclusion stated in your thesis. In your last paragraph you should state your conclusion to this moral argument.

7. This paper should be written from the analysis level of thinking. It should be an informed, documented, researched position paper. This is not an opinion paper!

8. Your personal position on this issue should not be more than two sentences. This is not an opinion paper!

9. Please format your paper according the MLA Style Guide

10. Use parenthetic text references with author and page numbers are acceptable in place of footnotes or endnotes. Include full information in work cited section. Attach your Work Cited page.

11. Your work cited should include at least three sources. One source may be your textbook. Please avoid any undocumented internet sources.

12. Your Short Justified Ethics Paper should not exceed three (3) pages, double spaced, 12 point font. Otherwise follow the instructions outlined in your course syllabus.

13. Remember to attach your detail outline.

14. Proof Read, Edit, Rewrite and Proof Read!

15. This is an Applied Ethics Paper. This is not a sociology paper. This is a “Moral Argument.” The purpose of this paper is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you know how to apply the ethical theories that you have studied and learned about this semester. You may want to review chapter 3 in your textbook, “Evaluating Moral Arguments.”

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