Posted: September 17th, 2017

Shamhat the harlot from The Epic of Gilgamesh

Choose a specific literary work or event or character and build your own portfolio.You will build a unique resource repository on your selected venue or event or character that will consist of various components.All the portfolio items will converge on this one venue/event/character you have selected and once your portfolio is completed, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the location of this item within the scope of this course.

Your portfolio must consist of:

a)Identify a venue/event/character and secure your spot.(**I have secured to write on Shamhat the harlot from The Epic of Gilgamesh).

b) Provide an image of the venue/event/character ? select one that best captures your perception of this item within the scope of your portfolio.

c) Find an audio visual resource that references the venue/event/character. This can be a movie, documentary, news article, popular magazine article, a teaching resource, a cartoon or comic strip.

d) Select a scholarly article on the venue/character/event/ and provide the complete link to the article, so your peers can read the article. In about 250-300 words include a paragraph that details how the article was relevant to your understanding of the literary work. Remember, this is not a summary but a critical evaluation of the article as it is relevant to you as a student in World Literature 2111 course in Summer 2013. So, for this component of the portfolio, you will provide a link and a critique (250 words).

e) Identify a modern (20th or 21st century) spin off that in some way is intimately connected with your selected venue/event/character. For example, Superman as Gilgamesh. Provide a 100 word summary that explains the connection.

f) Compose a list of ?Five things you may not know about _________?. Fill up the blank with your chosen venue/event/character. Make sure your list surprises your peers ? go beyond what has been identified and discussed on the discussion board.

g)Venue: Convince your peers why they should visit this place ? tourist attraction?

Event: Which modern American ritual most resembles this event? Explain why

h)Finally, in a 250 word essay, outline the value of the venue/event/character in our modern world and to the current generation.


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