Posted: September 17th, 2017

short story 'Wilderness Tips' (pages 179-204) within the book of the same name


1. This final paper assignment is to develop a prior discussion post and to evolve it into a revised, professional, and complete final essay. I will give my discussion later as a reference, you do not have to follow my idea in my discussion. You can totally revise it.
2. Edit that post, revise it, add to it, develop your ideas, take out not so strong ideas, etc. Turn it into a more formal argumentative essay. Hopefully your ideas have perhaps changed and evolved since then!
3.Be sure to include an introductory paragraph with a thesis. A thesis is a one-sentence statement that identifies an argument and lists the 2-3 main reasons or points that the writer will include in order to prove that point. Typically each of those points are developed into a paragraph within the body of your text.
4.Include a topic sentence at the start of each paragraph that tells your reader what that paragraph will be about. Think of a topic sentence like a miniature thesis for that paragraph only. Include textual evidence and analysis in every paragraph and make sure that every paragraph helps prove your thesis.
5. Your conclusion should just briefly summarize your argument but more importantly, it should tell the reader why your reading of the text is important, significant, etc. In other words, how does your reading help us understand the text better?
Tips: Make sure to not include too much summary. You can use the first-person “I”, but sparingly…”my reading of the text” will always be infinitely stronger than “I believe”, which is a phrase that should be avoided at all cost. Read your paper out loud in order to revise; you’ll catch more errors that way!

Introduction: Wacousta Lodge is arguably the biggest character in this short story–although it is simply a home and the location of many years of family disputes. The home is named in full throughout the text, and the author carefully describes what it looks like both inside and out, and what characters have done with and to each other throughout the years.

Write a discussion post that describes the significance of Wacousta Lodge. Why is this setting so important? You might consider:
-Its name and meaning
-The image of the great-great-grandfather and/or other generational issues, etc.
-The book inside the lodge, ‘Wilderness Tips’
-The setting both inside and outside the lodge and how this might have changed over the years
-Family relations (how the sisters interact with the home, how the men interact with the home, relatives vs. visitors, etc.)
Be sure to include direct quotations from the book as evidence to support your claims. Review and edit your response before submitting.

This is my discussion: The name of the short story “Wilderness Tips” is originally from a book “ Wilderness Tips”. The story takes place in a traditional house named “Wacousta Lodge” and mainly involves with a three-sisters family. George is a refugee who brought to Wacousta Lodge by Prue, but later he married Prue’s sister Portia. And this old house was build by their grandfather. Portia is a very pure girl when George meets her. “But Portia—lovely, small-boned Portia, with her velvet eyes—took off her shirt without a word and dove into the lake.” George is very sure that Portia is the right person that he wants to marry.

Comparing to Portia, Prue is very different from her sister. Prue and George were fallen in love, but they still have some unusual relationships after George get married. Prue is the person who brought George to Wacousta Lodge. For George, he wanted to get into this place and it could be a perfect place for him to stay from outside world. But he was attractive by Portia. He used some tricks and pledges to win her love. And Portia loves George so much, she is kind of aware of something between Portia and George though. I think Portia considers Wacousta Lodge as a wall, which used to separate George’s past. Portia holds a very beautiful imagination about her and George. “Now the only stories she ever makes up are about George”. She uses such a special and romantic way to express her love.

Wacousta Lodge plays a very essential role in their life. From my imaginations, Wacousta Lodge must be a very beautiful place with lake, flower and mountain. All three sisters grew up here, but each of them has a distinctive character. “In the city they were in different schools or different grades; the house was large and they had their own pathways through it, their own lairs”. This may explain why three sisters have totally different character. Prue is described as a blithe liar. She always likes making a hoax to Portia. Pamela usually plays an intelligent role in this family.

All three sisters have different feeling and relationships with George, such as lover, husband or helper. Each of them was strongly controlled by George and he could utilize their weaknesses to reach his own goal. From my point of view, all three sisters are victims, and Wacousta Lodge just like the wilderness place for them. But none of them ever read this book carefully, which leads to the difficulties of survive. I like the ending of the story. When Portia find out that George is cheating on her in Wacousta Lodge, the place means a lot to her, she chooses to walk into the lake with some happy memories and beautiful imaginations. “She would be invisible, of course. No one would hear her. And nothing has happened, really, that hasn’t happened before”. She chooses to give up and forget just like everything does not happened.

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