Posted: September 17th, 2017

Should engineers and professionals working on construction projects abide by a code of professional ethics?

The essay should meet the following requirements:
1. Providing an answer to the question – you can take a position on the topic (for or against) but this does not mean you can not present some counter arguments to show you have considered both sides of the debate.
2. Discussing the answer with supportive evidence from academic literature. Academic literature includes reliable sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles or books of edited readings. Wikipedia, newsletters, magazines and trade journals are non-authoritative sources and should not be used as supportive evidence. There is no minimum or maximum requirement for reference number. Instead, the adequacy of references will be judged from the appropriateness and relevance of the references in supporting the arguments.

3. Including at least one case study to support each point of the arguments.
The essay should be structured to include three main sections, Introduction, Body of the essay, and Conclusion, and the References (in Harvard style).

Comprehensive answer to the essay question with thoughtful points.
Discussion consistently well supported with an extensive range of academic literature.
Provides more than one case study which are compared and contrasted to illustrate each point of the argument.
Essay is consistently well constructed with clear and concise paragraphs.
Conventional spelling, punctuation and grammar, maybe with some typos only.
Consistently uses formal, construction/ engineering vocabulary and expressions through the use of the passive voice or abstract noun groups for example.

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