Posted: May 8th, 2015

Sim Venture Creation Simulation

Sim Venture Creation Simulation

Based on engagement with SimVentureTM – a business simulation that enables participants to set up and run their own virtual computer company whilst learning about new venture creation and being an entrepreneur.
Groups will run SimVentureTM for three virtual years, and will discuss their annual results with experienced business practitioners to better understand and learn from the decisions made.
At the end of the three virtual years, each student will write and submit an individual business report reflecting learning from engagement with the simulation. This report should analyse business performance and decision making within the context of the results achieved in the simulation, and should incorporate key themes and concepts covered in the module.
We were in groups of 5, you can say that we add some difficulties to decide what to choose each year and because we didn’t knew each other we didn’t express ourself correctly, I was shy and etc.

Key points to cover in the coursework:
1) The report should briefly but clearly state what the group achieved in financial terms as a foundation for the ensuing analysis and discussion.
2) The report should identify the key decisions that were made during the simulation, and then analyse how those decisions impacted the results achieved, (for better or for worse).
3) The report should incorporate key themes and relevant reading from the module.
4) The report should make clear what has been learned from the simulated venture, and what would have done differently the next time around.
Demonstrate effective use of the Harvard System for referencing.Be well structured and clearly presented (including introductory and concluding
sections).Provide the individual student’s thoughts on the decision making, even if this was at odds with the group during the simulation.Analyse the group dynamic related to decision making.Provide evidence of reading around the topic and illustrate a good understanding of the key concepts covered on the course

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