Posted: December 28th, 2014

Social Dynamics of Saudi Arabian culture

Social Dynamics of Saudi Arabian culture

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Your assignment is to research and write a short report (5-6 pages) on social dynamics in a Unilineal society of your choice (matrilineal or patrilineal).

Choose a unilinear culture that interests you. Your textbook offers several examples, or you can research this topic online to find more choices. Make sure your chosen

society currently is either matrilineal or patrilineal in its traditions and customs.

Use and cite the textbook and at least 3 additional scholarly sources (primary or secondary sources) for information.

Start your paper with an introduction that includes a clear thesis statement.

The body of your report must include information on each of the following topics:
Chapter 6: Personality training. dependence or independence training? Gender training? What gender identities are “normal” in this community? Is one gender dominant

over other(s)?

Chapter 7: Traditional subsistence strategy. What is the primary subsistence strategy for these people? How is the work divided? What resources are involved? Who owns

the land or other resources?

Chapter 8: Traditional economic system. How do these people measure wealth? What systems of reciprocity are important in this community?

Chapter 9: Marriage customs and family structure and residence. Who is in charge of sexual access? How many spouses are allowed? Who lives where and for how long? Who

has authority over the children?

Chapter 10: Kinship and descent system. Who inherits what? Which is more important: lineal descent or clan descent?

Culture Change: are any aspects of this culture changing in response to outside influences?

5) Briefly compare the ways of life outlined in your report with traditions in your own community. Use cultural relativism to explain how these differences are

normalized in each society.

6) End your paper with a conclusion that incorporates what you learned about the people you chose to discuss in your paper. What did you learn about how the integrated

structures of culture support each other in that particular community?

Format requirements:

● Your name, the date and subject to be discussed in top left corner of first page (no title page).

● Five pages of text minimum, six pages maximum. (This is a short report by college standards.)

● 1-inch margins (2.5 cm), double spaced, 12-point font.

● No photos, graphs, drawings, pictures, etc. … just text in this short paper.

● Use at least three reputable sources: books, articles, cultural websites, ethnographies, etc.
NO Tourist websites! Wikipedia,, children’s websites or similar sites are never acceptable research paper sources.

Use in-text citations (not footnotes!) to reference specific information obtained from your
sources, including limited quotes if necessary.

● DO NOT copy phrases, sentences or segments from any source. Ever. Copying someone else’s
words and putting these words into your paper is called “Plagiarism”. Plagiarized papers will receive a grade of “0” without exception.

The point of writing a research paper is to show that you understand the information well enough to put it into your own words. This requires you to read several

sources before writing your paper.

● Include a separate source page of all sources at the end of your research paper. All sources, including internet sites, must be included. Any sources I cannot verify

will be disallowed.


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