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Write an essay of 850 words which analyses (i.e. does not simply describe) a question:
Option 1
How does sociology help us to understand ‘class’ as an important social phenomenon?

things to pay attention to
Your essay must be well researched (i.e. you should consult 6-8 sources) and written logically, coherently and in formal academic language. Pay particular attention to spelling and grammar.
? It is School policy that all referencing should be in accordance with the APA Style Guidelines (American Psychology Association).

2. Foundations in Social Policy
Assignment 1
Value: 40%
Due date: 15-Aug-2015
Length: 1,500

Liberal Democracies can take various forms. These types of political systems at the same time support collectively owned institutions and a free market economy.

Q: Does Australia’s Liberal Democratic system enhance the well-being (rights and freedoms) of its citizens? Critically discuss your answer in consideration of the following:

• Briefly outlinine your understanding of the Australian Liberal democratic system (in reference to what is meant by democracy and what is meant by liberal)
• Discuss (weighing up) how this system enhances and or limits the well-being of its citizens.

Especially useful for this question are topics 2, 3 and 4.
Please note: to discuss something is to: “Investigate and examine by argument giving the reasons for and against. Present a point of view – this will require both description and interpretation”

Here you have the opportunity to demonstrate your learning from studying part 1 of this subject.
This assignment is designed to assess the following learning outcomes
– be able to demonstrate an understanding of the Australian political system.
– be able to demonstrate an understanding of Liberal and Democratic politics
– be able to demonstrate an understanding of rights and freedoms in a Liberal Democracy

Marking criteria
The assignment will be marked by the following criteria
· Clarity of structure, written expression, presentation and correct referencing
· All aspects of the question have been addressed
· Evidence of relevant reading within and beyond the material provided
· Evidence of understanding what is meant by democracy and what is meant by liberal in the Australian context
· Evidence of critiquing the Australian liberal democratic system in terms of how it enhances and/or limits the rights and freedoms of citizens

Assessment item 1
Value: 40%
Due date: 15-Aug-2015
Length: 2000 words


There are four sections in this assignment; ensure that you complete all four sections, keeping within the 500 word limit for each section.
Use headings to structure your assignment and include a word count at the end of each of the four sections.
Include in-text citations in all sections and include one reference list at the end of your assignment. You must draw on chapters from the prescribed textbook, relevant e-reserve readings and social work references from your own additional research in your assignment.
You are required to discuss 4 different topics.
Three topics are compulsory for sections 1, 2 & 3 (Indigenous Australians, Cultural Diversity and Health);
you must choose another topic from HCS103 to answer section 4 of this assignment.

Section 1 – Indigenous Australians
Based on the textbook chapter on Indigenous Australians (Gilbert) and the prescribed reading for this topic (Blanchard 2011), how could you support Aboriginal self-determination in your practice?

Section 2 – Cultural and linguistic diversity
Based on the prescribed reading (Soydan, 2010) and textbook chapter on the cultural and linguistic diversity topic (Maidment) , what factors might inhibit collaborative service provision between individuals and welfare service providers to address the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people? What are some ways to improve service delivery for CALD populations?

Section 3 – Health:
As a social worker in a health setting, what is your understanding of the bio-psycho social model and how would it influence your practice?

Section 4 – another topic chosen from HCS103:
Choose a different topic from HCS103. Select an article from a peer reviewed academic/professional journal published in the current year (NOT a newspaper article) relevant to your topic. Describe the key points made in the journal article and state your reasons for selecting this particular journal article. Relate your chosen article to subject material (including textbook chapter and e-reserve reading/s) from your chosen topic.
• Use the library’s resources to find your journal article,

• Use only social work/social welfare journals. The article MUST have been published in the current year – no earlier articles will be accepted.

• Ensure that you include full reference details for the journal article. There is no need to include a copy of the article; all that is required is the full reference details.

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