Posted: September 17th, 2017


a sociological analysis on a media item of your choice. Possible media items include films, television shows, popular magazines, etc. Your goal in this paper will be to use class concepts and themes to discuss how the media is an important agent of gender socialization in our society. To begin, pick the media item you want to analyze and closely review it for depictions of gender and/or sexuality. How is gender/sexuality portrayed? Are gendered stereotypes reinforced or challenged? Are the gender/sexuality depictions relying upon essentialist ideas of gender/sexuality? These are just some of the questions you can consider in your analysis. The way you proceed to analyze your media item is a matter of creative choice, but you must address how media is related to gender socialization while drawing upon class themes.
In your paper, you should have an introduction that gives an overview of the media item you will be analyzing. Then, you should describe the main points you wish to address in the body of your paper. After your analysis in the body of the essay (which should include full paragraphs with clear transitions), you should conclude by wrapping up your argument and tying together your ideas.

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