Posted: September 18th, 2017

Sociology Psychology

Complete article evaluation of McFarland, Brown, and Webb (2013) before completing this discussion board.

According to the authors, the key to decreasing prejudice and intergroup conflict is identification with all humanity. This week I’d like students to complete the “identification with all humanity scale” (take it here). You can compute the avarege for “my community” “Americans” and “People all over the world.” This will provide a baseline score for identifying with community, country, and the world.

Next, complete the scale two more times. First, fill it out according to how you think your current or ideal romantic partner would complete it. Then, write down the name of a morally virtuous person who you most admire. With this person in mind, complete the scale according to how you think the moral exemplar would answer the questions. Now, score these two completed scales.

Now that you have three scores (yourself, ideal or current romantic partner, and virtuous person you admire), reflect on and write about the differences across the three scores. How differently did you score compared to your moral exemplar and romantic partner? What might you do to narrow the gap between you and your moral exemplar’s scores?

Finally, consider an intervention to increase identification with all humanity.




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