Posted: September 17th, 2017


Socrates argues for a moral sort of reasoning demanding justification for belief as a basis for justice but argues that we cannot know the big-T Truth. Present an account of this position in your own words. In the absence of such knowledge, how does Socrates defend his position and is this position justifiable?

2. Socrates discusses the social purpose of his position by comparing himself to a Gadfly. Discuss this argument and why Socrates would find this element of moral reasoning absolutely essential for a functioning democracy.

3. Socrates presents an interesting argument for why we should not fear death. Present an account of this argument in your own words. What, according to Socrates, should we fear more than death?

4. Plato, in the Phaedrus argues that the right sort of love (i.e., platonic love) can bring us closer to the perfect truth of the forms. Present an overview and discuss the implications of this argument.

5. Plato, through his discussion of the constitution of the soul, draws a distinction between the effects of an erotic relationship and those of platonic love. Introduce the description of the constitution of the soul offered by Plato and discuss the effects of each of these sorts of love.

6. Plato, with platonic love, introduces a productive sort of love that would actually be beneficial in Socrates second speech in the Phaedrus. However, Plato himself argues that this sort of love is really hard to achieve. Given this, would the non-love relationship discussed in the first two speeches, given the overpowering tendencies of Eros, be a safer alternative for most of us? Discuss this issue critically presenting arguments to support your position


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