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MS 3043
Spring 2014
Introduce some basic library search tools
Demonstrate the relevance of statistics (in this case, regression analysis) to your chosen
field of study.
Statistics is not a subject that you simply endure for now and then never use again. Many of the
concepts covered in this course will be encountered in future courses and quite likely throughout
your business career.
The purpose of this project is to expl
ore how researchers in your area of
interest use the process of regression analysis.
In order to do this, you will locate two articles
from academic journals that pertain to your area of interest in business and contain the use of
regression analysis.
ur search criteria will contain one of the following majors from the
UTSA College of Business:
Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resource
Management, Information Systems, Management, Management Science, and Marketing
There are several other majors, bu
t you may find it hard to locate articles about them.
In that
case, it may be better to choose one of the highlighted majors above that is related to your major.
Directions for finding articles:
From UTSA home page
link (bottom o
f page, under
Current Students
Find Information
, select
“A” under
Find by Title
On first line of search terms: enter your business major from the list above
(Use quotes if it is more than one word); select
Subject heading (all)
For the two boxes on the second line enter: “linear regression” [or]
“multiple regression” (be sure to include the quotes); keep the default of
Limit Re
sults to: check
Peer reviewed
Publication date: select
Specific date range
1, 2013 and
31, 2013 in the boxes
Note number of documents found.
Search through the available listing of articles to find ones that appear interesting and that
specifically describe the use of either linear or multiple regression.
The first articles listed in
your search will likely only contain abstracts.
You will pr
obably have to scroll down to find
articles listed as “full text” or “full text
If you have a choice, articles presented in PDF
format are generally easier to read.
You must follow the general format contained in the document,
Spring 2014
On the top
of the first page, replace the x’s with your personal information (name, MyUTSA ID, and the
major you are interested in).
Include the required bibliographical information for the two articles
you choose.
Retain the grading criteria text at
the bottom of the page.
Delete the text box.
The second and third pages will each be devoted to one of the two articles you choose.
For each
article, start with a short overview in your own words.
You may want to include information
such as when and w
here the experiment was done, and the author’s reasons for conducting it.
Find the description of a regression analysis (there may be several) presented by the author(s)
and list the dependent and independent variables.
Next, describe the author’s conclu
sion about
this regression.
This may involve the significance of the overall model or of the individual
independent variables.
Finally, provide a statement of how you perceive the article may be
relevant to you as you proceed with your studies/career. In
other words, what did you learn?
The project reports must be exactly three pages long and in the format described above.
Use a
font of 12, with single spacing.
The grading criteria is provided on the first page of the
Project file.
Six po
ints will be awarded for quality of presentation (format, grammar,
spelling, etc.).
Each article analysis will be worth 17 points, as shown.
The total points available
for the project are 40.
The reports are due in two weeks (as noted in class).
The pe
nalty for
lateness is five points per day, which starts at the end of the class period on the due date.

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