Posted: February 15th, 2015

Stock Market Assignment

Stock Market Assignment

Project description

The assignment is to pick at least 4 stocks to purchase ( Must be Restaurants). There must be a paragraph description of why you are purchasing the stock, why did you pick them, i.e. news, financial performance, like the product, etc

4 paragraphs. One paragraph about each stock.

Please pick up a great restaurant as Cheesecake Factory

The above instructions in 2 pages. The third page is the excel spreadsheet.
Also, in the file youll see a helpful websites that you may use as Yahoo. Please see the link below:

Stock Market Assignment Spring 2015
You have 10,000 dollars to purchase a portfolio of stocks (Restaurant).  You will purchase the stock on Monday February 9th.   You will need to set up an Excel spreadsheet with the purchases.  You will need to record the stock price every Monday in the spreadsheet (Use only closing prices).  You will then post your closing prices by 8:00 PM on Monday along with your total gain or loss.  You may sell and purchase stock only on Tuesday and Thursday after class.
Each student must pick at least 4 stocks to purchase.  There must be a paragraph description of why you are purchasing the stock i.e. news, financial performance, like the product, etc
This must be turned in by Thursday February 12th.
The final component of the assignment will be a 2 to 3 page written summary of what impacted your return and news with the stock market and the rationale behind trading stock during this period.   Also, you need to include a reflective piece of what you received/learned from this assignment.  Please include your Excel spreadsheet with the assignment.  This will be due May 8th.
The timeframe for this assignment will end April 27th.   Written report due by April 30th.  The student with the highest total return on their 10,000 dollars will receive a picture of a President from me!!!
Helpful Websites:

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