Posted: September 17th, 2017

Strategic assessment

This is a strategic assessment of 6-8 pages, full proper referencing, and professional

quality Briefly, strategy is both an analytic and synthetic thinking process. Analysis

is the taking apart of things to see how they work, whereas synthesis (integration) is

the putting together of parts to make a whole: one that works. In your papers,
professional quality critical thinking and presentation skills, including

proper in-text referencing of all points (no plagiarism) AND an ability to analyze a

case, find those aspects that you want to focus on (theme), choose the methods,

concepts, data and references that help you illuminate your theme, and the synthetic
ability to put the pieces (insights, trends, patterns, and results of analysis, etc.)
together to form a defensible strategyStrategy is in essence a storyline about what
and why an organization (or person) is going to do this or that in this or that way;
not another.


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