Posted: September 17th, 2017

subjective relativism or social relativism.



Many people seem to think that we now live in a postmodern age where there’s no ground for absolute truth about morality or right and wrong. Consequently they either believe in subjective relativism or social relativism. Show why you agree/disagree with t
DIRECTIVES: Follow the 5 steps for writing Argumentative Essays:

A: Introduction

B. Thesis or Objective. (Thesis = Main claim or conclusion); you can also state it in terms of an Objective to be achieved in the paper or both)

C. Main Body of the Essay. (Devote 1 or 2 paragraphs to each main point with supporting evidence and illustrations or examples etc.)

D. Discussion of actual or hypothetical questions and your response.

E. Conclusion (Summary, highlight of main points, lessons learned for now or the future. Etc; but no new topic or issues not treated in the main essay)

F. Length: 4 pages plus 1 page for a bibliography (No title page is needed) in line with APA formats.

*NB: No matter which question you choose be sure to incorporate or include some of the standards, values, skills, and fallacies from at least two chapters from our Critical Thinking textbook

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