Posted: September 17th, 2017

Supporting Change within Organisations (3SCO) Diploma Unit for CHRP

Learning outcomes:
1. Understand why organisations need to change and how change affects organisations.
2. Understand the key factors involved in the change process and different approaches to managing change. 3. Understand the impact of change on employees and the role of HR.
Activity – 1500 Words
Produce a report describing the impact of change within your own organisation (or one that you are familiar with). You should include:
 A short introduction to the organisation
 An explanation of why your organisation needs to change identifying at least 6 internal and external
factors that drive or influence the change
 Explain at least 3 ways change affects organisations
 A description that compares at least 3 approaches to change with the process in use within the
 Describe 3 behavioural responses seen when change occurs in an organisation.
 Explain at least 3 ways that HR can support individuals during change.

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