Posted: September 17th, 2017

Sustainability in International Supply Chains

Literature Review and Case analysis should be about Toyota

PART A – Literature Review (50% of marks)

Carry out a review of selected literature on the strategic role of supply chain management, and

sustainable supply chain management, in particular examining the relationship between supply chain

strategies, sustainability and performance using relevant criteria e.g. financial/economic. (You should

draw insights from around 8 – 12 published journal articles, as well as more general sources such as

textbooks for more fundamental operations management, strategic planning and (strategic) supply

chain management principles.)


PART B – Case analysis (50% of marks)

Using good-quality secondary sources such as company reports, the trade press and the business

press, identify, describe and analyze one case of a firm where sustainability in an internationally

dispersed supply chain is an important issue. Examine the case using the key ideas from your

literature review. The overarching question is – does the case that you examine confirm the trade-off

argument and what is the role of supply chain strategy in managing this trade-off?


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