Posted: September 17th, 2017

Sustainment benefits of new technology and environmental ethics


You should apply one of the environmental ethical theories. Papers can address either theoretical issues or practical concerns. Sources used in research must be included in the bibliography. References must be supplied for all quotations and also for any idea, insights, or viewpoints you incorporate from reading the work of others. In-text citations require the page number of the text or paragraph number of the website. The reader must be able to look up the exact place in the text or website cited!
Concept/ idea: Vertical farming is the concept of creating a building that has multiple floors or levels that are used for crop growth. This type of farming could minimize the damage on the environment from modern day practices which would help the sustainability of the planet. Vertical farming requires less land and the environment can be controlled to prevent runoff and the use of pest control is reduced due to the enclosed environment. The sustainment of the planet is a very important issue and new technology, such as vertical farming, can help, but with this technology also comes the possibility of an increased human carrying capacity. The human population is already affecting the extinction of animals and the loss of the environment across the planet. Would an increase of the population out way the sustainment benefits of new technology?
Please Use the below references if possible:
Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac – Chapter “The Land Ethic.”
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring; Introduction, and Chapter 3, The Elixirs of Death.
Arne Naess, The Ecology of Wisdom, Section 2: The Long-Range Deep Ecology Movement.
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