Posted: September 17th, 2017

systems and operations

Information systems; e-business and successful operations are increasingly recognised as being strategically important to the success of businesses and economies. Select ONE from the following two options and write a 600 word summary on that topic:

30% LO 1 Option 1. Strategy and the internet was the focus of Porter’s (2001) article. Explain how technology has reshaped the value chain and supply chains, using Porter (2001) as a starting point.

Option 2. For a country of your choice, write a summary of how the digital economy has changed the country. Explore how the government supports the strategic development of information technology and e-business.

Huada Plant

Part 2. Draw a geographical business process map of Huada Plant and explain the difficulties it currently has internally and with its supply chain. Evaluate how they could improve their current operations processes; this should promote the database system and other ideas for operations improvement.

30% LO2

Part 3. Complete a mind map/rich picture based on your ideas for improvement. Identify and explore the changes required for the people; management and technology to implement your ideas.

30% LO4

Academic Rigour

Your assignment should be written in good business English and be well structured and presented. Your assignment should clearly include the academic insight, i.e. the concepts and the supporting references involved, indicated in the assignment and listed in the references and bibliography.

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