Posted: September 13th, 2017

Teaching and The Human Brain

Teaching and The Human Brain

read pages 3-88 of the text ?Making connections: Teaching and the human brain.

Objective of the assignment: This first assignment is designed to make you familiar with the workings of the human brain and the principles of cognitive science and learning. It will also help you identify how these principles are applied to designing instruction.

Description of the assignment: You have been hired as a consultant for a higher education institution which is interested in redesigning its curriculum to better meet the needs of its students, and considering the principles of how the brain works. Present your proposal to the institution including:
1. Executive Summary of your proposal
2. Present your suggestions using a table which identifies the following. Include as many interventions as you see necessary:

Number Intervention Rationale (why you are suggesting this intervention based on your readings and other research) Example (you can include examples from online resources)

3. It is necessary to reference the course material in your answer (either as footnotes or endnotes) and in addition, extra credit will be given for using references outside the course

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