Posted: September 17th, 2017

Teaching philosophy

Teaching philosophy

First page #1
One page describing a teaching philosophy to teach Spanish, saying,
-tent Addresses at least 3-4 of the following:
• How do I know when I am effectively teaching?
• What beliefs, theories and/or methods mark my
successful teaching?
• What types of outcomes do I want for my
• How do I develop and maintain positive
relationships with students?
• How do I collaborate with others?
• How do I create a supportive learning
• What approach or strategy has worked especially
well in my discipline?
• What are my most important learning goals?
• How have/can I make a difference in the lives of
your students?
(you can be creative, write how I can introduce technology, what methods I will be using, for example total physical respond is a good one to mention)
keep in mind that I haven’t teach a lot.  I don’t know if will is a good thing to mention, but I  want a teaching philosophy professional .

Second page #2
The second page is only a statement answer the following question:
2) Relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ and the church( christian church)
3) Relating your Christian faith to your discipline in your teaching
( here you can be creative and mention that I have respect for the church)

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