Posted: September 17th, 2017

Term Paper on a cognitive psychology topic that has been addressed during the semester

Term Paper:
Your term paper will involve choosing a cognitive topic that has been addressed during the semester, analyzing the topic (doing a literature review using scholarly sources), and finally giving a solid foundation for why research on your chosen topic is useful for society. Please email me if you have any questions regarding this paper.
Paper Requirements:
• Length: 5-8 pages (Not including title page and reference pages)
• Must be APA format
• Title Page
• Running head and Page Numbers
• Times New Roman font size 12
• Citations must be in correct APA format
• Reference Section (APA style, on separate page)
• For help with APA format, you can look at or
• You must use and cite AT LEAST 10 scholarly sources (in other words, try for more than 10). If you are unsure about what represents a scholarly source, feel free to ask the instructor.
• Missing any of these requirements will result in a deduction of a full letter grade from your term paper, so if any of these are missing, an ‘A’ is not possible. If you are missing all of these requirements, a ‘C’ is the highest grade you can achieve.

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