Posted: September 17th, 2017

The Alcohol Management Strategy and Plan 2014-2017

This submission must include Notes and Bibliography.

Background. As a senior manager, you frequently provide a bridge between strategic leadership and the front line. Accordingly, you need to be able to analyse a decision made at the strategic level through a lens that considers both internal and external factors, as well as identifying the second and third order effects of the decision. Utilising your influence and irrespective of your personal opinions, you may then be required to engage members to manage the effect within the workplace.
As an example, the ADF Alcohol Management Strategy and Plan 2014-2017 reflects a strategic leadership response to concerns about alcohol related harm in the ADF. It builds upon The Use of Alcohol in the Australian Defence Force report (The Hamilton Review).

Task. Analyse this Strategy and Plan: examine the contributing factors (internal and external) and discuss the effects in the workplace. In particular, consider a potential perception that the issues of a few result in limitations for the majority. Identify leadership strategies that you could employ to manage the effects in the workplace.
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