Posted: September 18th, 2017

The Basketball Diaries

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Movie Analysis

Students will be required to write a reflection paper (3-4 pages) on the movie by relating it to topics we will cover throughout the course.
� A summary of the movie and how drugs are involved
� Describe functional limitations caused by drug use or abuse
� How the character was affected by his or her own use or abuse (included but not limited to these areas: education, work choice and/or work performance, emotional and physical health, criminal activity)
� The ways in which the drug use or abuse affected others
� Describe the adaptive process of drug use or abuse
� The expressed reactions and coping strategies to the drugs
� Did you find the portrayal of the character�s involvement with drugs to be realistic? Why or why not? (consider factors including but not limited to positive and negative consequences, treatment options, etc)

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