Posted: September 17th, 2017

The Development of Ras Al Hadd Airport.

The Development of Ras Al Hadd Airport.

This Capstone project is for MBA programme, it must reflect project management theory and practice.
The assessment must be 9000 words with 3000 words summery that i will present it before the submission.
the whole paper instruction will be attached.

Capstone Report title: The development of Ras Al Hadd Airport
The Sultanate of Oman Government built an airport located in South Eastern of Oman (Janoob AlSharqiya) in a place called Ras Al Hadd. The airport built based on the international standards. It is a

mega project for the region, The reason/rationale for the study is to do with diversification of the economy and to take advantage of the availability of transport infrastructure i.e. the airport.

But the main challenge for this airport is that there is no single operator welling to run the airport because it is not feasible for them based on their commercial view of point.
So!! How the Sultanate of Oman Run the airport?
To make this airport run successfully, first the Government of Oman should create a need for such airport. So, from the created needs by the government, operators could be influenced to run Ras Al

Hadd airport.
Where is the Location?
The airport is located in South Eastern of Oman in Ras Al Hadd, which has the most beautiful beaches in the Medil East. From the natural beauty of the location we could create the need by

developing the tourism sector in South Eastern of Oman.
What is the best way to develop the tourism sector in South Eastern of Oman to assure the best way of development?
It could be by the using the benefits of Foreigners Direct Investment (FDI) whom have the ability, know how and willingness to invest in the tourism sector in South Eastern of Oman. As the

government of Oman provides lots of opportunities for the DFI whom will add value for the country.
How this type of FDI provides value for Oman economy?
Basically by using In Country Value (ICV) concept which will assure win-win situation for both the investors and the Sultanate of Oman economy.

Each of these three factors depends on each other to success
The big problem to be solved by this project is to diversify the income of the Sultanate of Oman (to be not depending on oil and gas only).

The success of this project will leads to:
1.    The airport will be run commercially by attracting the international investors (operators in this case) to run the airport. Moreover, developing the tourism sector in South Eastern of Oman

by investing internationally in this sector using the In Country Value concept. So both sectors will be attractive by potential investors (FDI). These type of investment supported by the country

because it helps to diversify the income of Oman not just depending on oil and gas (as the prices of oil goes down every day). Nowadays, the Sultanate of Oman thinks more seriously in these types

of investments.

2.    Using In Country Value (ICV) concept will add value for Oman economy, ICV will add:
•    Increasing the spend in the region (South Eastern of Oman) which leads to developing in the economy of the area.
•     The income of individual will increase.
•    The lifestyle of individual will improve.
•    Unemployment rate will decrease.
•    Improving the workforce (training & investing in Human).
•    Partnering with local investors as Joint Venture (JV) relationship.

The South Eastern of Oman will create its own place in the map of Oman from the success of these investments. Moreover, it will be competing with tourism landmarks in Asia such as Maldives Islands.

The first section of the report should cover the reason for the study and end up with specifying the aim and objectives. At least that is one way of doing it.
The reason/rationale for the study is to do with diversification of the economy and to take advantage of the availability of transport infrastructure i.e. the airport. In the rationale you can go

into a little detail on the imbalance in the economy and reliance on commodity prices, hence need to diversify…so in general terms you have identified a problem/issue. The substance of your

report then is to propose a solution to this problem. From there you can pose some research questions which define what you want to find out e.g. feasibility of developing tourism…. and then

formulate your aim. From the aim you can derive some supporting objectives which should be in the form of activities e.g. develop a vision of how you see tourism developing, investigate sources of

finance, investigate tourism potential…. identifying type, nature of  consumers…..propose a ‘business’ plan……suggest how this might be implemented.
The above the topic ides with structure on who to write it.

?    9,000 word report
?    Individual formal business report
?    3,000 word * presentation of the key findings (it is 3000 words summery of the 9000 word)
Some pointers for you when preparing your assignments:
Look at the following assessment criteria and understand mark allocation.

?    Consider the following when making a presentation (it is 3000 words summery sheet of the 9000 word):

Selectively use information;
Apply relevant supporting information;
Deliver information with clarity;
Answer questions with confidence.

Consider the following when preparing a report:

Follow report structure;
Layout should meet professional standards;
Use the report format of headings and subheadings;
Include relevant investigation and background material to suit the topic;
Wide ranging sources should be in evidence;
Different types of sources may be in evidence (including both qualitative and quantitative data);
Support the narrative with relevant tables and figures;
Reach a clear conclusion and make recommendations.

Layout of report:

•    Executive Summary
•    Table of Content
•    Introduction
•    Background to the study/investigation (Use headings and subheadings)
•    Main findings and discussion (Use headings and subheadings)
•    Recommendations (Use headings and subheadings)
•    Conclusion
•    References
•    Appendices (put all the used statistics in this section and the map of the aria)

Executive Summary (700 words), Introduction (2000 words), Background to the study/investigation and Main findings and discussion (4000 words), Recommendation and Conclusion (3000 words).
The executive summary is to be included at the beginning of the report. It should only normally be a single page in length. However, it makes most sense to write this upon completion of the report,

when all the issues have been covered. It should include:
•    Main reason for the report;
•    Outline of the investigation;
•    What has been discovered.

The report must be: An exceptional and outstanding submission, providing original insights which add to the discipline area or academic area and, with some editing, could be published as a study in

its own right. In addition to the next section, a submission in this range would be distinguished by superior organisation and comprehensiveness, given the maximum word limit and time scale.
*Reverence List:
(85 references for the whole assignment based on Harvard system)
•    All related assignment tasks, assignment structure, Required Reading, Recommended Reading, Recommended Journals to be used are mentioned in the attachments.
•    *All the Public Authority for Civil Aviation for Oman strategies, Tourism statistics for South Eastern of Oman, Investment strategies, Investment opportunities for FDI, Statistics of FDI in

Oman, useful links for the related organisations, In Country Value strategy (ICV) for the oil and gas (use to apply it in tourism sector), ICV contract (use to implement in tourism sector) are

attached to be used in the report.

•    The theory part must be from project management theories,
•    All the examples must be up to date,
•    Add table of content.
•    Add Executive Summary before Table of Content.
•    Total word-processed report (9000 words in length) with 85 reference (reference based on Harvard style).
•    Evidence of the level of critical analysis of the issues faced by the aria being evaluated.
•    Understanding, critical evaluation and application of appropriate techniques, methods, models and tools to the issues discussed
•    Appropriateness and justification of the conclusions drawn and recommendations made to address the issues identified
•    Clarity and coherence of report (with regard to structure of analysis, diagnosis, correctness of spelling and grammar, appropriateness of language, accuracy of referencing including use of

English and Harvard Referencing scheme).
•    Plagiarism must not be more than 10% for the whole report.

Assignment/coursework general submission requirements
?    Your student name and identification number must be clearly stated at the top of each page of your work.
?    Each page must be numbered.
?    Where appropriate, a contents page, a list of tables/figures and a list of abbreviations should precede your work.
?    All referencing must adhere to School/Institutional requirements. i.e Harvard
?    A word count must be stated at the end of your work.
?    Your programme, year of study and the relevant module must be included as a “footer” on each page.
?    Appendices should be kept to the minimum and be of direct relevance to the content of your work.
?    All tables and figures must be correctly numbered and labelled.
?    Your Capstone project should be soft bound (not spiral bound) and include appendices to evidence the research process. Your ethics form should also be included.
?    Students are allowed 10% either side of the word limit and after that there is a penalty.

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