Posted: September 17th, 2017

The difficulties for a society to overcome harsh and institutionalized, systemic racism.

This discussion focuses on Coldsleep Lullaby by Andrew Brown. Please consider the following questions:

1) How does this novel further your understanding about the particular dynamics of race and racism in South Africa?

2) What do you learn about the historical dimensions of race?

3) Comment upon and analyze the difficulties for a society to overcome harsh and institutionalized, systemic racism. How does this book reveal the unique problems for South Africa? How does it shed light on ongoing problems for the United States as well?

4) Brown’s novel, like Meyer’s novel, attempts to portray the gritty reality while infusing the story with moments of grace and forgiveness, of insight and revelation, of hope and possible reformation/transformation. Compare and contrast the moments of realism with the moments of hope. What do you take away from the story about what is possible?

5) Examine the character of Eduard Februarie. What or who does he represent? How does he work symbolically in the story?

6) Consider the setting, Stellenbosch. How is Stellenbosch different from Cape Town (which was the setting for Meyers’ work)? How is it similar?


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