Posted: September 17th, 2017

The French Culture

The French Culture

Talk about the french culture and composed of three main things, the first part is about choosing at least four topics from the readings and talk about it, then choose either a film or media article that has the same topics discussed in the readings and analyze it, finally, compare between the two point of view ( readings and outside source ) and express your opinion in the conclusion.

Format : Make sure the assignment has introduction and conclusion. Correct spelling and grammar are essential and required. Margins 1′, font 12 points, double spaced, paragraph indented, and text well organized.

Readings : Material from the readings should make up one third of the paper. You are going to do two main things: 1. proving that you have read and understood the material assigned and 2. assessing the credibility of your outside source by comparing it to what the readings have to say. You will do a comparison between what your outside source ( media article, or film ) has to say on a topic in comparison to your readings. THIS MEANS THAT YOU NEED TO WRITE ABOUT TOPICS THAT ARE COVERED BY BOTH SOURCES. Also, you need to reference the readings by using the author name and page number, for example, (Platt p.207) after every IDEA taking from the readings, as well as every direct quote.

Outside source : Evaluate how your outside source portrays the culture. Is it stereotyped ? True or false ? Biased ? Discuss these issues in depth as you compare your outside source to your

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