Posted: September 17th, 2017

The harms of non-disclosure versus disclosure

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Review the below case study and address the question following it:

Jim has been seeing Dr. Jones for problems in his marriage and really wants to make “things work” between him and his wife. During one of his sessions, Jim informs Dr. Jones that he just tested posted for HIV due to extramarital affairs, he has had in the past. He notes that he has not told his wife because their marriage has improved. Dr. Jones finds herself in a real dilemma, as she has concerns for the welfare of Jim’s wife, but is also concerned about Jim’s sincere desire to make his marriage work. Dr.Jones counsels Jim to contact his wife about his status.

In a subsequent sessions it becomes clear to Dr. Jones that Jim has not told his wife of his HIV status. Dr. Jones tells Jim that steps should be taken to notify his wife that he is HIV positive.

Jim adamantly refuses to tell his wife about his status and extramarital affairs and says that if she is told without his consent, then he will stop therapy.

Consider each of the following questions and evaluate the case study:

1. What should Dr. Jones do?

2. Does Dr. Jones have a duty to warn Jim’s wife of the potential life- threatening situation to which she has been exposed to? Why or Why not?

3. Would such a duty supersede any implied confidentiality of the private session?

4. What are the harms of non-disclosure versus disclosure? Please analysis in detail?

5. Discuss how the disclosure of confidential information without the patient’s consent might be justified to prevent risk of death or serious harm to a third party?

6. What are the limits of confidentiality regarding such a situations?

7. What does the code of ethics state regarding such a situation?

8. What do your state laws require regarding the issues of disclosure in HIV/AIDS – related situations such as this?

Including: Title page, Abstract page, and Reference page.

Include at least three scholarly source to support your discussion.


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