Posted: September 17th, 2017

The Importance of DBA in Saudi Companies

The Importance of DBA in Saudi Companies

Survey Overview

Marital Status:

If you were offered a DBA, what would be the main reason for taking this program? Select all that applies.

DBA qualified employees have a higher added-value for the company

Employees with a DBA qualification will serve the company better on a strategic level

What do you think is more important for career advancement: qualification and mainly DBA or experience?

Do you think that Saudi companies prefer DBA holders for higher posts?

Do you think that DBA holders are more innovative and creative?

Is DBA an internationally recognized degree?

DBA holders can work effectively in:

According to you which one of the following will help you better in your future career trajectory?

Do you think a DBA from an international university outside of the Kingdom would be better for you than a local DBA with international partnership?

DBA holders would receive higher salaries.

DBA holders would improve the reputation, credibility, visibility and reliability of the company

Do you think that the DBA will help you to access higher positions compared to the roster program?

What bracket of tuition fees for the DBA seems reasonable to you (figures in thousands SAR)?

If you receive a scholarship for the DBA, would you:

If you don’t receive a scholarship for the DBA, would you still consider it for your future, personal and professional growth

What is the number of years that seem reasonable to you for taking the DBA?

Do you prefer a DBA to be:

If you have the opportunity to do a DBA in KSA or outside the Kingdom but online, what would be your preference?

Do you prefer the DBA to be taught in:

Would you pursue a DBA for acquiring new knowledge to back-up your decision making process?

Would you prefer a Ph. D. over the DBA?

Are you an Employer or under Executive Management?

What is your hiring preference for important positions?

Do you perceive the DBA holder as a more strategic thinker and visionary than a Masters holder?

All other factors being equal, would a DBA degree provide an advantage over a Master’s degree for promotion?

Would you prefer to promote an employee who is a DBA holder for a higher positions or recruit externally for those positions?

Would you consider giving scholarship to some of your employees with high potential to pursue a DBA in the Kingdom?

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