Posted: September 17th, 2017

The International Business Plan Assignment A foreign country (outside the UK) should be selected for this assignment

The International Business Plan Assignment

Written format have to be in an REPORT FORMAT please!

This is an assignment -Report -for the module Entrepreneurship in the Global Marketplace so please assign someone who is specialised in this field-Entrepreneurship-

You are free to choose the foreign country -outside the UK- but choose an country like China,India,etc. countrys which they are in an continuous development and start to begin strong countrys and please let me know what you choose when you are starting to write.


The International Business Plan Assignment

A foreign country (outside the UK) should be selected for this assignment. It should be written in a designated structure as follows:

-Executive summary

-Business/opportunity proposition in the selected foreign country

-Analysis of foreign country business environment

-Market research and data presentation

-Entry strategy and operation of the proposed business venture in the foreign country

-Financial plan

I will upload some more inf later but by then you can start and please also let me know what country you have chosen. Please use academic referencing and literature ,journals and DONT use untrusted referencing and websites like Wikipedia and use correct Harvard referncing and direct quotes rather than indirect like paraphrasing. Good luck.

I have 2 assignments with same title so if you will see both do them unique as I dont want plagiarism or similar report and similar ideas or assign a different person please.


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