Posted: September 17th, 2017

The research process

Think about the research process you used to complete Written Assignment 1. Use the following questions to frame your response:
• Where did you choose to do research?
• What sources did you consult?
• What search engines did you use? Provide a list of your search terms.
• Did you use any databases for your research in Assignment 1? If so, which? If not, use a database to research the subject you chose and report on the results. You have access to a number of databases through the Research Resources tab on the main course page.
• Did you reject any of the sources you found? If, why?
Present your response in a fully developed informative essay, complete with an introduction and conclusion.
Value, soundness, or impact of online education
Growth of technology has brought about many changes in all sectors of economy with education one of the most affected. Development of internet and associated information resources have led to online education. This form education is wide spread and its value, soundness, and impact have been evaluated by many writers. This paper summarizes three articles about online education.
Best Practices for Integrating Game-Based Learning into Online Teaching
McDaniel and Telep in their “Best Practices for Integrating Game-Based Learning into Online Teaching” discuss the importance of video games aided online learning. Video games take advantage of existing information resources and help learners to contribute something into the resource in their learning process. They create the best ideas and practices in the process of being incorporated into the virtual classroom. Online game-based learning is sustainable and allows learners to keep improving their education. Games embrace inter-disciplinary approach where “games are unique in that they combine image, art, story, engineering, psychology, and instructional design.” This removes boredom and encourages learners to take their studies seriously. Online education provides learners with platform that make them appreciate non-electronic and non-media resources for better understanding. It brings together virtual worlds and collaborative technologies to manage complexity in learning situations. Video games allow leaners to focus on learning without any destructive attention to technology hence it is effective.
Online schools clicking with students
Greg Botelho in his “Online schools clicking with students” article points out that technology and its flexibility adds value to online learning. Online learning adds value to education by making it possible for people to learn anytime from anywhere. It has facilitated creation of “virtual schools” which are accessible electronically. The new generation has embraced the modern technology and therefore they find online learning more attractive than the traditional learning. Botelho acknowledges that “E-learning supporters laud the method as an opportunity for people of all races, ethnicities, ages and nationalities to attend quality classes.” Online learning creates room for everyone to take part in the learning process in the modern era. Virtual schools do not have limitations for learners because anybody fits in online learning irrespective of their age and other factors. Through this, online education has contributed towards equality in the society by abiding to No Child Left Behind Act.
Online Education Offers Access and Affordability
Kim Clark’s “Online Education Offers Access and Affordability” article discusses the importance of online learning. American working class has embraced online learning because they need extra education to enable them to sharpen their skills, be competitive and survive economic recession. Their work and other commitments give them no time for normal learning processes. They also hate incurring commuting costs. This has enabled them to choose online learning. Clark notes that “traditional ivy-covered universities and Internet entrepreneurs introduce online programs that are just a few hundred dollars per course.” The University of the People which is nonprofit university plans to offer free online courses. These developments make online learning affordable and suitable for all people and hence it is improving levels of education in the society.
These articles shows that online learning is a sound process which adds value to education and impacts lives of all people in the society. This is it utilizes tools which attracts most people in the modern society. It also facilitates use of participation of all people by minimizing learning costs. Lastly, online learning allows people with all attributes to access education. This makes online learning to be a sound process and adds value to all people in the society by impacting their lives positively.

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