Posted: September 17th, 2017

The society


Throughout the world today families go through situations that are hard to handle and that lead stress. The economy today has changed and made it harder for people to live, and making parents of families have to work more. Providing for a family today is extremely stressful because you have to provide the finances to be able to live. In today’s society it has become hard to find a job that can support a family financially because of not enough experience or because there is no jobs available. “Higher education is often necessary for applied fields with increasing technology, which in turn is a financial drain on most families if even possible” (Tina Eyraud). When both the parents of a family have to work this put more stress on the family because then the children have to stay at daycare and stay at home. This puts stress on the children because they have to grow up more on their own. The stress of providing for a family in communities of people of color and of low income single mother’s is extremely high. Trying to raise a family and provide the needs for the children in the family can be hard to do when living on a low income bases. Many people that are on low paying income including single mothers are not able to receive the education they need to be able to further their work experience and earn a better pay. Gemelli said “The women in this study advocated that working for wages and childcare could be successfully accomplished if they had the right kind of job and if their motherhood role was valued” ( Marcella Gemelli). Overall there is stress in every family household, but there tends to be more stress to financially support the family when it’s a family of minority races and single mothers.

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