Posted: September 17th, 2017

The U.S. Constitution in Context


The U.S. Constitution in Context
Prepare: In Chapter 5, you will read that many Americans vehemently opposed the Constitution when it was first presented to them. Even some members of the Constitutional Convention refused to embrace it (see Maier, 2010, for the dissent of George Mason). In conjunction with the chapter, draw from the following documents:

The Federalist Papers: No. 10
Ratification of the Constitution by the State of Massachusetts
Ratification of the Constitution by the State of South Carolina
Constitution of the United States: Bill of Rights

Reflect: As you read the assigned material, please consider the reasons for the shift from resistance to the Constitution in the beginning to one of acceptance for a document that transformed the American government.

Write: Please answer the following questions:

What were the changes that the framers of the Constitution made to the government to correct the Articles’ apparent flaws?
What were the objections of the people who opposed the Constitution?
How valid were those objections?
How and why did the American people generally come to accept the Constitution?

Writer must read ch 5 from the text below. Must also cite resources properly with page numbers.

Stockwell, M. (2012). The American story: Perspectives and encounters to 1877. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Madison, J. (1787, Nov. 23). The Federalist Papers: No. 10. Retrieved from

Ratification of the Constitution by the State of Massachusetts. (1788, Feb. 6). Retrieved from

Ratification of the Constitution by the State of South Carolina. (1788, May 23). Retrieved from

Constitution of the United States: Bill of Rights. (1791). Retrieved from
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Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Support your claims with examples from the required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references according to APA style, as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center
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