Posted: September 17th, 2017

Theological Synopsis Paper

Each synopsis will be based on information gathered from the three theological texts listed as follows; 1. Bird, Michael. Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction, 2. Lewis, Gordon R., and Bruce A. Demarest. Integrative Theology, 3. Evans, James H. We Have Been Believers: An African-American Systematic Theology. 2d ed. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2012.

The first synopsis will be on the Divinity of Christ. The second synopsis will be on the Work/Role of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. The third synopsis will be on Christ’s Atonement. The fourth synopsis will be on the Mission/Purpose of the Church. The fifth synopsis will be on Christ’s Return.
a. In each synopsis, synthesize, systematize and summarize your study of and conclusions regarding each of the five topics listed above.
b. Each synopsis should include what each of the three above listed theological texts say about the following:
(1) Identification of and brief comment on 3-5 of the most important scripture verses/passages (1 paragraph);
(2) Description of three theologians’ views (3 paragraphs, 1 on each theologian)
(3) Summary statement of your view (1 paragraph) [Note: You do not need here to “critique” the theologians you have surveyed. Rather, in this paragraph you are to succinctly state your view of each of the key issues relevant to this topic. Address all key issues.];
(4) Engagement: Implications of this doctrine for either (a) what we need to communicate to the world beyond the Church or (b) how we need to go about communicating to or acting in the world beyond the Church (1 paragraph).
c. Each synopsis should be approximately 900 words in length. The total length for all five synopses should be no more than 4,500 words.
d. At the end of the collection of all synopses, include a list of the sources cited in appropriate bibliographic format.

Method: Your research is to include both Biblical and theological materials.
a. Read in its context in the Bible each scripture passage you cite; do not make reference to a scripture verse/passage unless you have read it in its context. If you have studied Greek and/or Hebrew, you are encouraged to draw upon your knowledge of these languages.

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