Posted: September 17th, 2017

Theorising new media and the self

Theorising new media and the self

ALC 20 1

This task requires you to construct a digital media text in the form of a scholarly
blog post. Using various media, your blog post must critically reflect on the issue
of online identity. As part of this task, you must analyse your own digital identity,
whether this be your current digital persona(e) and/or that which you hope to
develop. You need to reflect on your online identity analytically, constructing an
argument that evaluates its effectiveness and/or limitations. You must draw on
relevant reading(s) and further scholarly research to back up your analysis, and
reference your use of sources using the Harvard system. You must adhere to the
assessment requirements when using images at all times.
Output: A scholarly, multimedia blog post equivalent to 1,200 words (not all of

which will be your written text).
Deadline: 5pm, Monday 10 August (5% late deduction per day will be applied

in interests of student equity).
Weight: 30% of overall unit mark.

0 This document includes advice on:

0 How to complete the exercise

0 How to submit the exercise

0 Which media you can integrate into your blog post

0 How to use images in your blog post

0 How to demonstrate reading and research

0 Marking criteria

A full example has been provided on my Textures at a Textual World blog.
Further tips for success will be provided via the meLectures.

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