Posted: September 18th, 2017

To determine whether Students analyse a lesson in action or not


Observe and analyse a lesson (or part of a lesson) for learners of English as a second or foreign language.

Finding aclass to observe
You can use your PP1 or PP2 class, or someone else’s class.

If you don’t have access to your own class, you can use a video of a lesson that you find on YouTube. You may use just one section of the lesson: the section you observe and analyse only needs to be 7-10 minutes long, although a longer section may give you more information to work with.

What to observe
Please consult the Student Handbook for the subject Professional Practice. On pages 10-12 you will find instructions for ‘Observing Learning and Teaching’, and an ‘Observation checklist’. Use the instructions and the checklist to observe and make notes on the lesson you select.

Writing the assignment
The writing for this assignment will be mainly descriptive, with some analysis.

Your writing should be well structured into sections, with an introduction, a body, a conclusion, and a reference list.

The introduction should provide a brief summary of the learners, the class context, and the activities observed (for example: who are the students? how many are in the class? what level are they? what age are they? what and why are they studying? what is the focus of this lesson? and so on). The introduction should also include a brief preview your report (what specific features are you focusing on in your observation?)

The body of the report should describe your observations. These will be organised into sub-sections, according to the specific features that you have chosen to focus on from the checklist. The comments that you make on your observations should be supported by reference to theories you have read (these will probably be found in the articles you have read in other subjects).

The conclusion should include: a brief summary of your observations, an evaluation of the lesson overall, and any issues or questions that arise from your observations. You can also include a reflection on what you have learned by observing the selected lesson. The conclusion will also include reference to theories.

The assignment must include a reference list of at least 3 sources. The reference list must follow the UTS Harvard referencing style (see the guidelines on the UTS Library website:

Formatting your assignment
Please follow the formatting guide (available on UTSOnline). If the assignment is not correctly formatted you may be required to resubmit.

Student name and number:
Analysis of a lesson in action✔

Criteria Inadequate/ Fail Adequate/ Pass Good/ Credit Superior/ Distinction Outstanding/ High Distinction
Written in appropriate academic style

Grammatically accurate

Summarises, paraphrases and cites effectively

Deconstructs spoken classroom texts

(Note: not all criteria are equally weighted in determining a final grade)

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