Posted: September 17th, 2017

Topic: BUS & Govt in Global Context

Topic: BUS & Govt in Global Context

Order Description

Assessment Task 1:

– 4 slides PowerPoint.
– 1 page a Hand sheet words describes the slides.
– “10” Harvard references style.

Assessment Task 2:
– A report observing academic conventions of 2500 words.
– choose 1 of the 2 Questions.
– “30” Harvard references style.

Assessment Task 1:

will involve a brief presentation on a major issue relevant to the course in one of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th tutorials. (Your tutor may draw names from a hat to schedule presentations)
•    The presentation lasts five minutes and is worth 10 marks.
•    Assessment Task 1
•    Students will present a quality peer reviewed journal article on a specific topic in any way they wish (present verbally, with a PPT, written and spoken) This task is due to be completed in the third and fourth tutorials.
•    The journal article must be relevant to the course.
•    Students are to summarise the article highlighting the key points the article presents and any definitions of major terms that are of significant relevance.
•    A reference of the journal article needs to be provided in line with the referencing guide that will be outlined in your first tutorial in week 2 and can be accessed from the following URL <>
Assessment criteria for Task 1
1.    The academic quality of the journal article (must be peer reviewed).
2.    Demonstrated understanding of the article through summarising the key points and main arguments.
3.    Ability to link the key points in the article to the roles of “business and government in a global context.”
4.    Capabilities in terms of communication and presentation skills.
5.    Referencing the article appropriately.

Assessment Task 2:

•    A report observing academic conventions of 2500 words on issues covered in the first 5 lectures and independent research aligned to the lectures and tutorials.
•    Assessment Task 2 is due online 9pm Friday
•    You are to answer either Question 1 or 2 that follow on the next slides – not both.
•    Task 2 is worth a possible forty (40) Marks

Assessment Task 2 Question 1
•    1. Neoliberalism represents political economic thought that advocates organising society on the model of an idealised free market economy. From a global perspective the neoliberalism ideology needs to be questioned and revised as there are many problems that are occurring within numerous political economies and multi-national and trans-national corporations are becoming too powerful for governments to control. Based on your research discuss the prevailing academic views about neoliberalism and government control over  multi-national and trans-national corporations.
Assessment Task 2 Question 2

•    2. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) involves trade negotiation between the United States and 11 other nations throughout the Asia Pacific region. The TPP, and how it has been negotiated, is highly controversial. For some, it is considered a “sellout” to multinational corporations that may have far-reaching negative effects on many societies while others suggest the TPP will grow economies, create jobs, reduce trade deficits, and establish stronger ties between trading nations. Based on your research conduct your own assessment of the benefits and limitations of the TPP.
Assessment Criteria for Assessment Tasks 2 and 3:
•    The reports will be assessed on you:
•    Demonstrating sound academic research based purely on quality literature in the field.
•    Exhibiting a developed and enhanced understanding of the complexities of aspects related to globalisation and its impact on societies.
•    Presenting a cultivated and advanced understanding of the independent, interdependent and dependant roles of government and business.
•    Displaying developed skills in critical thinking and synthesising academic literature within their report writing on current issues relating to “business and government in a global context.”
•    Demonstrating in-depth learning and understanding concerning the stakeholders in the global context which include an array of businesses ranging in size from one-person proprietorships to corporate giants, government and non-government organisations.
•    Exhibiting a capacity to analyse and evaluate current issues in the global context and propose ways that these issues may be managed to reduce risks to global societies.
•    Showing capabilities in terms of communication and report writing and presentation skills.
•    Demonstrating developed skills in research and analysis based on literature reviews using appropriate referencing conventions and the quality of the references used.

Format of the Reports and Submission

•    Format of the Business Reports
•    The business reports should be prepared using 12 point Arial or Times Roman font with 1.5 line spacing. Reports are submitted only via the BlackBoard. The reports should be fully referenced according to academic referencing conventions complying with RMIT Business which uses a particular Harvard Style of referencing: refer < >. The length of the reports for Task 2 & 3 excludes the business report abstract and references. The number of academic references should be a minimum of twelve and these may include readings posted on the BlackBoard, peer reviewed journal articles and quality academic text books and reports or readings on the blackboard. When submitting online cover sheets are not required for this course.

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