Posted: September 17th, 2017

Topic: Civics/The Dominican Republic Government

Topic: Civics/The Dominican Republic Government

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Please elaborate (add) more on the paper that I uploaded. It should be 5 pages plus a tablet of content, please read the uploaded paper first and after the 5 pages are finished then created a

tablet of content for the whole research paper.
Also read the following for when writing this paper:
Identify the issue and frame the question (s) that addresses the issue. Keep in mind that the paper has to do with local-global diversity/cultural issues.
Background information regarding the issue (include references).
Argument for/argument against
contradictions and/or inconsistencies
Personal opinion
Policy recommendation
Do subheads and write short sentences.
This paper consists of the design and preparation of a Policy Brief on international government. Only two references should be from the internet, the rest can be from books and scholarly

publications must be used. Please use APA formatting.

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