Posted: September 17th, 2017

Topic: Clean Air Act and EPA

Topic: Clean Air Act and EPA

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See uploaded “paper proposal” for some ideas.

Remember, this is a “why” paper, not a “what” paper.

Federal government has gradually expanded its role through Clean Air Act and EPA (Environment Protection Agency). This has undermined federalism as well as the separation of power. With the most recent Clean Power Plan, it seems that individual states really don’t have a bargain in this matter.

Why were Clean Air Act and EPA able to gradually expand their power? Use different political science models to explain it.

Useful and Mandatory Citation Sources:
1. An Introduction to the Policy Process: Theories, Concepts, and Models of Public Policy Making by Thomas A. Birkland [Paperback] By: Thomas A. Birkland Paperback-3rd edition [2nd edition may also be used, see note on final page]
2. Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies (latest edition) John Kingdon, Paperback (2nd edition)
3. A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving by Eugene Bardach, paperback version publisher: CQ Press, Paperback- 4th edition
4. Public Policy: The Essential Readings by Stella Z. Theodoulou and Matthew A. Cahn, Paperback, Prentice Hall-latest 1994 original edition is preferred, 2nd edition, 2013, may also be used with reserve selections

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