Posted: September 17th, 2017

Topic: Gender and com

Topic: Gender and com

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• Gender and Communications
• No ESL Writers. Want perfect American English and good grammar.
• The text is: Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender and Culture, 9th Edition | 9780495794165 Login: [email protected] Pass: Ontime99!

Please note these are different assignments; label and separate with different reference pages. Page break.


Forum 7: How do gender and culture influence one another? In what situations are genders closely associated with specific cultural characteristics? Can gender identity itself be a culture?
Forum 8: Describe your own gender using at least two of the frameworks in the textbooks. How do the descriptions differ? What does each framework highlight? What does each overlook?

Short Assignment:
Short assignment 4: Draft a method for solving a specific problem in gender communication. Analyze the problem, and explain how you would solve it, step by step. Hint: Choose a very realistic

situation; avoid vague “societal” problems. Use Wood, Part II; for theoretical and methodological insights; cite any chapters you use in your assignment, as well as any other resources you use. 2

Final Project:
• Media comparative analysis essay – Choose two media products (TV show, film, magazine, book, web site) directed at audience of roughly the same age and socioeconomic status, but different genders

(may include transgender). Choose an analytical framework discussed in the readings and apply it to compare the presentation of and assumptions about gender in the two products. Both products

should be of the same medium–for example, two TV shows, not a TV show and a book. Assignments should be around 5 pages in length, and must include citations and a works cited or reference list. 5


• Payne, Kay E. Different but Equal : Communication Between the Sexes. Westport, Conn Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001. Ebook ISBN: 9780313000423. netLibrary (APUS holdings).

No ESL. American english writer only; perfect english required. The text is: Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender and Culture, 9th Edition | 9780495794165 Login: [email protected] Pass: Ontime99!

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