Posted: September 17th, 2017

Topic: Gender and Comm

Topic: Gender and Comm

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• Gender and Communications
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• The text is: Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender and Culture, 9th Edition | 9780495794165 Login: Pass: Ontime99!

• Scholarly article analysis – Select a scholarly article from one of the Online Library databases. Write a short paper, 250-500 words in length, in which you summarize the article (1-2

paragraphs); analyze the article, examining the strength of its thesis/hypothesis, method of investigation, analysis of data, and conclusions (4-5 paragraphs); respond to the article with questions

and comments (1 paragraph); and discuss the potential implications of the article on your understanding of the topic and on others (1 paragraph). Each student should review one article. First come,

first served. No article may be reviewed more than once. Include citations and a works cited or reference list. 2 pages.
• Short assignment 3: Case study. Discuss, from your observation or past experience, a specific social, ethnic, or national culture in which gender is characterized differently from your own

culture. Rely on experience only, rather than assumption or supposition. For example, if you have only read about Samoan culture, you cannot discuss it; if a number of Samoan families live in your

neighborhood, and you associate with them regularly, you can discuss it. Cite any outside resources you use. 2 pages

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