Posted: September 17th, 2017

Topic: Report: Port's Diamond

Topic: Report: Port’s Diamond

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‘fipgw . W60 RESI’I’
my“ ” , . ~ d
‘Tha’e are two componenB to this module. You may have passed one and if:
H; ‘ ‘ . e
file oflner, or you may have faded both componenm. You need to check mtflh
Student Support Office to confirm whether you need to res“: one orboth o e
componenm (die business models assessment and file coursework essay).
Report: Porter’s Diamond
This assessment is completed individually. Word limit 2,000 words. You should
use report format.
The brief for the report is as follows:
You should use Michael Porter’s ‘Diamond’ Model of International
Competitiveness to analysethe business su’ucunes and competitiveness of
I ONE ofthe following countries: Brazil, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Poland,
7 Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia.
p You are advised to follow Michael Porter’s procedure in dealing with
individual countries in his book, The Competitive Advantage of Nations,
H , namely to identify the key business sectors which have given rise to
I . , internationally competitive industries and companies in the counn’y
g . r * _ concerned, and explain their growth in terms of the four points of Porter’s
a Vi ‘ g Diamond, not forgetting also to consider the roles played by government
g, _. and by chance.
33 7 It is also expected mat you reflect upon the Porter approach and offer a
~~Jzu§”*f”:’?-‘ ~’ ‘ ‘ o
«if; u critique of the model as it Is applied to chmce of country. Are there’any
52:? “deficiencies? What doesn’t it tell you? , g . V V
thrown ” “ou‘ma ‘ use th I te t f
Am: y ,, Y a ° n “‘9 °r YO“? research, you should, only use
WWWWQEM and {‘3mele -‘ ’80’11‘088- These might. include: government“
x ‘tfj‘;.,’§g;;§;:%§gwj;flss 1’er of: ,intemaflonal .mfim g, and m “a sailors
t . To, y’llfl.¢%:l§3‘:l;srv :L {simv‘Z’r

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