Posted: September 17th, 2017

Topic: Social Media Strategy Plan – Crazy Cones

Topic: Social Media Strategy Plan – Crazy Cones

Order Description

Develop a social media strategy plan for a local ice cream shop – Crazy Cones. Crazy Cones currently has no social media presence. The plan will describe the use of social media platforms in promoting the shop and their products.
The major content areas covered should include:
1. An introduction providing an overview of the plan (250 words maximum)
2. A description of the plan goals (250 – 500 words) including the purpose of the plan
a. Purpose of the plan (Example: Develop a solid social media presence)
b. Specific objectives to be accomplished (Example: To attract new customers and retain current)
c. Specific outcomes to be realized (Example: To increase sales by 10%)
3. A description of the action steps (250 – 500 words) including
a. Social Media to be employed (Example: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
b. Sequence for implementation (no time frame necessary) (Example: Create Facebook Fan Page, Identify subject areas for Twitter, Convert available videos for YouTube)
4. A description of the resources needed to accomplish the plan (250 – 500 words) including
a. Software Requirements (Example: WordPress, Hootsuite)
b. Expertise needed (Example: Application Program Interface developers, video editors for converting videos for YouTube)
5. A description of outcome/objective tracking (250 – 500 words) including
a. Measures to be employed (Example: Track membership inquiries made through Facebook fan page)
b. Schedule of measurement (Example: Membership inquiries tracked on a monthly basis; number of video views tracked on a weekly basis)
6. A list of sources to justify the plan

Information about Crazy Cones:
A neighborhood ice cream shop that specializes in homemade ice cream and committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality products and unmatched service.

We are located just off the main road providing easy access in and out for those driving to our establishment. We are also within walking distance from the community park and local high school. Community – Our shop relies on community outreach and charity work to communicate our brand message. Our mission is to make people’s day, through our products and our commitments. Family – We are family owned and run. A family business equals family values. We embrace new “family” members through our customers because they are the foundation of our business.

Five years running we have been recognized by the community for developing strong and memorable relationships with our customers. It is our customers and our love for them that creates the patterns in our business.

We are always looking for new ways to satisfy our customers, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be here. It is important to “keep up” with the times, but still showcase the values the business was started with. One new feature we have is toppings swirled in the soft serve. Our specialized soft serve machine allows us to swirl toppings like sprinkles, cookie crumbles and gel flavors right into the ice cream as it is dispensed.

Crazy Cones likes to make people smile. Let’s face it ice cream makes you smile through its nostalgic, sweet, satisfying and just plain yummy nature.

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