Posted: September 17th, 2017


Discuss Tourism benefits and drawbacks impact on societies in UK and DUBAI , and how governments can manage to reduce it.

• Definition of tourism.
• Background of tourism.
• Overview to what this essay will discuss.

Main body: focus on dubai and UK ONLY :-

1- The tourism impacts can be divided to :-
• Economic
• Social
• Culture
• Environment
2- Some of The positive impact of tourism:-
• Job opportunity for local people.
• More income and investment.
• Improve the infrastructure if the area.
• Money can be help to use to protect natural environment.
• Help to preserve local culture and community.

3- Some of The negative impact of tourism:-
• Traffic and pollution.
• Commit crimes.
• Environment damages
• Low paid job with long working hours.
• Local culture can be disappearing for a long term.

4- Solution to manage and reduce tourism impact:-
• Make a strict law for tourism.
• Minimize the number of the tourist in different area.
• Limit the number of the tourist entry per month.
• Ecotourism
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