Posted: September 17th, 2017

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Based on the summary on the TTIP that was provided by the Jeffrey, the dissertation will emphasis on the following: first, the impact of the partnership in regards to the trade balance between the two regions. Secondly, it will focus on any possible eventualities together with legalities that are associated with the agreement. In order to succeed in addressing the two issues, a multifaceted approach shall be adopted for the methodology of this study. As for the methodology, this study will emphasize on the main factors that contributed to the formation of the agreement .
According to the information provided by Sandra Fung, The dissertation will highlight the fears of the renowned tense relationships concerning the economy between the two regions. In addition, the dissertation will highlight how the tense relationship between these two regions can result into the failure of the TTIP. Furthermore, in addressing this fear, the paper will cover the efforts that were made by both the European Union and the white house to dispel the fears .
Furthermore, the information gathered from the existing literature will be used to assess the impacts and implication of the agreement not only to the member countries but also to the economies of other countries. Moreover, other literatures will be used to determine the possibilities of other countries joining the agreement with special emphasis to the Turkey.
Project Justification
The concepts of the scope of the International Business Law program that will be addressed by the dissertation are legal issues that involved the international business agreements. Another concept that will be covered is the economic impact participating parties in regards to the TTIP agreement. Lastly, the influence of the legal structures as far as formation of TTIP is concerned . Besides the written sources, interviewing the officials of this bilateral trade agreement will be conducted if necessary with the aim of obtaining reliable and firsthand information . Therefore, the dissertation will be able to recommend on how to overcome any hurdle that can hinder formation and operation of the TTIP.


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